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The "I Know" Membership

Momentum Master's "I Know" Membership

Do you read self-help books and attend workshop after workshop, but don’t see the reflection of what you know in your life? Are you struggling to balance your life in every area, i.e. family, financial, intimate relationships or career? To manifest our hearts desires, we must pair our knowledge with wisdom. Many times, we commit ourselves to study without committing ourselves to practice. If this sounds like you, the "I Know" membership is a powerful starting point for you to integrate with and use everything that you know—and see the transformation within your life.

As you begin to apply what you know, you will:

◆ Open yourself to receive new opportunities: a new job/career, new relationship, new stream of income
◆ Become emotionally literate, express and manage your feelings with ease
◆ Create more harmony and balance in your relationships
◆ Increase your self-love, self-compassion and self-empowerment
◆ Experience more joy and ease in your daily life

◆ Develop a spiritual and emotional awareness and activate your inner guidance system

◆ Practice accelerated momentum in every area of your life

The intention of the "I Know" program is to transform your “I know” into “I practice.” Saying “I know” is simply an acknowledgement of information stored in your mind. Being present in “I practice” is self-empowerment, relying on one’s own internal power, faith and Spirit to create an entirely new reality. A lot of us want things to happen by osmosis or with a magic wand. You must do your work. Once you start to practice what you know, life will open up and become far more easy and effortless. You will begin to see every challenge and trigger as an opportunity to use what you know to heal yourself and be fully present in the life you have always envisioned.
This membership offers:

- Access to one monthly Momentum class beginning the first Wednesday of every month
- Access to private Facebook page with exclusive weekly videos facilitated by Malane Shani

This membership is packed with life-changing wisdom and exercises that will help you elevate your mind and your life. The Facebook page offers a supportive and diverse community of like-minded individuals who have agreed to embark upon this journey to self-mastery.

This membership is for you if you want to have:

Breakthroughs in your relationships with family, friends or your significant other
An ability to manifest multiple streams of income
Health and well-being

Join today and take your first step towards self-mastery!

“Knowledge is power, but it is the wisdom that activates that power!” – Malane Shani

Welcome to Activate U Now University!

Activate U Now University (AUNU) is a place to be inspired, activated and elevated by releasing what is no longer in alignment with you--that could be fears, beliefs, choices, relationships, patterns, etc.--and embracing your authentic self, who is worthy, deserving, and can have it all. AUNU offers powerful tools, exercises and workshops to support you in manifesting your heart's desires and living your most authentic life.


“With Malane’s teachings, I have become more aware and clear about my own feelings. I have also experienced a lot of changes in my daily life and I am getting better results thanks to these workshops. These sessions have given me the tools and the flexibility to shift my perspective and be able to relate to my emotions from a different angle, to be fully present to all the conversations taken place in my head, and to know that thoughts only exist because I have created them, so the same way I can change them. Owning this allow us to tap in a new concept of abundance where there are no limits for us, only those that we have created for ourselves. There is no limit on the wealth we can create in our life.

Marcelo O.
Business Owner
Atlanta, GA

“Although I had all of the makings of success, I felt incomplete on the inside. I have always considered myself a life-long learner, so you can imagine, I had read countless self-help books, listened to motivational CDs and participated in several forums/conference to help identify and fill the void that was so prevalent in my daily existence. I had gotten to a point where I was willing to accept that I was just meant to live out my life in this way. AUN provided me with a lot of useful tools, on-going support and most importantly, it taught me how to live authentically. Now, instead of waking each day with a feeling of uncertainty, I feel at peace, joyous and loved. I learned how to love myself from the inside out rather than seeking it from external sources (i.e., family, relationships, material possessions, daily conditions). By coincidence, today, a gentleman wished me a Happy Valentine’s Day with the hope that “I get everything that I want”. Before I could think about it, I said to him, “I already have everything that I want”. Wow! Even I could not believe my response but it’s true. While I still have much work to do, I have a strong foundation on which to build and the tools to carry with me on my journey. There is nothing more pleasurable than the inner stillness that is brought about by a sense of knowing. I know now that I am enough – just as I am…I am loved. Thanks Malane!”

Tracey Knight
Entrepreneur, Educator
Atlanta, GA

“With the master teacher training, you are given a road map to your own personal powers certainly applicable to anything you do. You will understand how to manifest your own reality and how to guide others in doing the same. Your new experience of support is going to create the foundation in where you can respond to others with unconditional support provided to you all the resources that support you. The Master teacher training gives you the opportunity to operate from a place of full integrity creating leadership based on setting the tone of your own environment and on becoming clear about your intentions. Always allowing ourselves to become the vessel for spirit to guide us in everything we do.”

Andrea Garcia
Entrepreneur, Interpreter
Atlanta, GA

Your Instructor

Malane Shani
Malane Shani

Through her company, Malane Shani Global Empowerment, Malane has supported thousands in healing and transforming their lives and the lives of their families. With over two decades as a Certified Life/Relationship/Bereavement Coach, Motivational Speaker, Workshop Leader and most importantly, real life, in the trenches coaching experience her vision is unique. Malane’s fusion of her intuition, experience and professional training supports her in tapping into the authentic nature of her clients helping them to discover and begin to live the authentic life they were born to live.

Malane has served as the CEO for Malane Shani Global Empowerment for over 25 years which is an alternative solutions company for mental and emotional health and well-being and specializes in harmonizing mental and emotional health. MSGE accomplishes this by using alternative technologies to clear old cellular memory and to illuminate the light of authentic living. Through workshops, empowerment programs, and individual and group sessions, Malane’s intention is to create a cadre of healed master teachers and healers to move throughout the world, to inspire individuals to live more authentically, to activate their innate gifts and to elevate the minds and hearts of those who will inspire others to live their best life.

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