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Everything you need to live the life of your dreams is already inside of you. You can create whatever you want to attract and manifest for your life. If you want to increase peace, harmony, joy and success in your life, join this global mission that is committed to transforming the world one course at a time.

AUN provides unique courses and educational materials that support your journey to self-healing and self-mastery. Integrate what you know with daily practices and feel the bliss of balance and harmony in your daily life.

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"I can honestly say that when I registered for the I Am Master Teacher course, I had no idea what to expect from the course other than transformation. Now having gone through the class, transformation doesn’t even begin to cover what this course has provided me. It is so clear that this course is entirely spirit-led because each week, we leave class vibrating higher, seeing life and ourselves differently, and..." read more

- C. T., Entrepreneur

"With Malane's teachings, I have become more aware and clear about my own feelings. I have also experienced a lot of changes in my daily life and I am getting better results thanks to these workshops. These sessions have given me the tools and the flexibility to shift my perspective and be able to relate to my emotions from a different angle, to be fully present to all the conversations taken place in my head, and to know that thoughts only exist because I have created them, and I can change them. Owning this allows us to tap in..." read more

- M. O., Business Owner

"With the Master Teacher workshop, Malane has led us to a new level of transformation. Her concise care in every activity has guided us to find the truth that lays for each of us and for the collective. In only two hours, she offers you a space where you are called to gain the wisdom through a simple yet profound experience. She offers you a window to tap into..." read more

- A.G., Meditation Teacher

"The I AM Master Teacher Class is like nothing I ever experienced. I feel clearer, lighter and more focused as a result of being able to speak freely and talk openly about true spirituality and my spiritual purpose. The exercises are mind expanding and working with the other students is causing more and more insights for me. Malane is a Master Teacher and she is an exquisite facilitator in her challenging us and really guiding us to..." read more

- C. D., Raw Food Instructor

"I want to tell everyone what I've gotten out of this class. I am better for this world; I am able to do what I never thought I would be able to do, and that's to grow into something that is magnified beyond belief..." read more

- D.M., Retiree